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Blog: It's been a Great Year: What have I learned?

The end of my first year is here. Being new to the public sector, what have I learned? 

Blog: Centralized vs Decentralized IT - Is there a middle ground?

State CIO’s are obligated to provide IT services in a cost effective and efficient manner. This was made clear to me during my appointment process as CIO of Nebraska. With that goal in mind I began research on business approaches that exist across State government. Through my investigation which included internet searches and speaking to other CIOs across the country, I found that the majority of State government IT organizational structures consist of two basic approaches: centralized and decentralized. All services are provided by a central organization in the centralized model, while the decentralized approach is characterized by State agencies managing their IT functions as independent departments within the agencies. Both approaches have pros and cons, with advocates writing a multitude of articles basically supporting one approach or the other with only a few supporting a hybrid model.

Blog: Continuing our Journey

As shared in previous blogs, the Office of the Chief Information Officer (OCIO) is always looking for opportunities to improve information technology services to our customers. A great deal of interesting work is being done in all of our groups but I wanted to highlight the Network and Open Systems teams in this Blog.

Blog: Digging by Seamus Heaney

I have written past blogs about many topics related to specific work being done at the OCIO. This one is in honor of St. Patrick’s Day and some additional core values that I admire: tradition and work ethic.

Blog: Caution you are entering your comfort zone?

I know, getting “outside your comfort zone” is as cliché as saying “think outside of the box”. Your comfort zone is where you perform activities and behaviors that are routine and minimize stress and risk.

2016 – The Year of Execution

During my first 6 months, the OCIO team has spent our time planning and executing on the immediate needs of the State of Nebraska. We are now in the closure of those first six months and moving into the next steps phase of our plan.

6 Month Review -Your Progress So Far

It’s been 6 months since I joined State Government. I thought now would be a good time to take a look at how much you have all accomplished.

The journey has begun in regards to Centralization

As with an earlier blog (Changes Ahead) referencing the consolidation of Help Desk software, the team has once again delivered on our long term strategy in regards to the Consolidation Model (Blog: “Always good to have a plan”). This model offers a balance between autonomy, cost efficiency and risk. 

Changes Ahead

The title of my blog a few weeks ago was “Nebraska’s Tech should Talk”.  It discussed an effort to begin consolidating Help Desk tools.  It meant that the Office of the CIO along with our partners would move to a mutual Help Desk tool.  The This is the start of many synergies and efficiencies in incident, service request, change and problem management. 

Always good to have a plan

Jim Ohmberger walked into my office late one afternoon last week after a very long day.  He had a look on his face I had never seen before.  He was clearly upset, which is very unusual for the normally stoic and easy-going Jim.  I figured something was terribly wrong:  issue in the DC, outage somewhere?  No, Jim had finally decided to move his desk.  The first half of Jim’s plan was in place and well planned  

Nebraska's Tech Should Talk

The title for this blog comes from the Omaha World Herald article that ran Sunday, August 2, 2015. In the article I talked about an ongoing partnership that initially involves four agencies: Department of Labor, the Department of Correctional Services, the Department of Roads and the Office of the Chief Information Officer.  

Network Nebraska, a model partnership

I almost titled this blog, “Passion for your work” but I didn’t want to deflect from the main message of Interagency Partnership and the Nebraska Network.  

Commitment to improve Customer Service

In a previous article I wrote about making it easier to do business with the State of Nebraska and now I want to announce the first of many changes to come to fulfill that commitment.  

Best State to do business with?

I think it is a habit from years of working in the finance industry that I still read Forbes, Kiplinger and other related magazines.  I see a lot of article’s that list the “Best and Worst States for Business”.  They are referring to the pro-business regulatory climate, robust employment outlook, etc.  Nebraska seems to always appear in the top 10. 

My First Week

My first week as the CIO, I have two themes for this introductory entry in my blog: Communication and Loyalty .