Service Description

The State of Nebraska Mass Notification Service (MNS) is available to all state, county, and local agencies including educational groups such as school districts, colleges and state universities. The current MNS is a web-hosted system that affords a level of flexibility for both internal agency mass communication and large groups such as public health departments or school districts. The system can be accessed and activated from any internet-enabled computer or mobile device.

Service Details - Basic Service

The system's multi-model communications capability connects enrolled recipients whose contact data is in the system in one of several ways that include: phone, mobile, fax, pager, SMS, email, TTY, social media, CAP feed, and RSS.

Service Details - Additional Features

The MNS weather alert feature can automatically notify agency contacts seconds after the National Weather Service (NWS) issues an alert. This can occur automatically and nearly instantaneously, without any action by the agency.

The MNS mapping feature gives agencies the ability to define a precise geographical area and call their contacts within that area in emergency situations. For even greater detail, agencies can integrate additional GIS layers such as schools, hospitals, fire stations, police stations, power plants, custom shape files, or other applicable locations. When a situation occurs, agencies define a targeted notification area on the map using various shape tools. Areas can also be defined based on other features such as fire perimeter, flood plain, zip code, etc.

Mass Notification Service Request Form (pdf)


Service Hours, Availability and Reliability

The MNS can be accessed, and messages can be activated from any internet-enabled location, including smart phones. If the Internet is unavailable, authorized users can call the MNS vendor's 24/7/365 Service Desk to distribute a message. The system is always available and ready for use, from any location. The MNS vendor provides redundant sites for outbound message delivery and reliability.

Customer Support and Escalation

Support is available 24/7 by calling the Office of the CIO Service Desk (402-471-4636). The on-call staff will identify the problem and the appropriate people necessary to address the issue will be contacted. During regular office hours (7am – 6pm) the Service Desk will route the call to the appropriate technical team. During off hours the call will go to the Office of the CIO Operations personnel who will log the call and contact on-call members of the appropriate technical team.


The using agency is responsible for maintaining its database of contact information and insuring its accuracy. The Office of the CIO will assist in setting up initial entries, and with the training of administration and system users.

Billing Information

Monthly service charges to the vendor are paid by Office of the CIO and billed back to the respective agencies based on the agencies total individual people in the agencies individual database.

The Office of the CIO uses a system of Billing Accounts, Job Codes and Work Orders for authorizing work and tracking costs for specific projects. The customer may designate which job code and work order to use, or request a new job code and work order. Contact the Office of the CIO for assistance with developing an accounting structure that meets the needs of the agency.